Football, the world’s most loved sport is followed globally. The sport has seen constant innovations over the years in its rules and regulations. With each passing year, the sports popularity is one the rise with small nation also garnering teams to play the sport. Soccer field in Singapore is a prime example of that considering the small population and size of the country.

Over the years, football lovers around the globe have developed the game further by inventing other sports on the same model. One such game is Futsal. Futsal is a game similar to soccer, the only difference being that it is played on a Futsal court Singapore. A futsal court is similar to a football field, but smaller in size and dimensions. Futsal is played with a ball of smaller size and with less complex rules. The sport has earned rave reviews from around the globe and global level tournaments are hosted by the dedicated futsal organizing authorities. Freestylers have emerged as stars of the sport as their tricks and dribbles make for a more attractive game play.

Futsal can also be played on small pitches in teams of four or five a side. The pitches are similar to tennis courts and are covered by fencing around the sides for the ball to stay in play at all times. The game has earned the attention of football freestylers due to its continuity in play. With no stoppages in the game, the ball is always in play and a goal scoring opportunity is never too far away.

There are few futsal pitches in Singapore and one such leading arena is The Ark. The Ark offers one of a kind arena for Football and Futsal lovers. Located in two parts of Singapore, The Ark boasts of multiple Football, Futsal and Tennis courts. Individuals can enjoy playing their favorite sports along with their friends at pocket friendly prices. The arena at The Ark also boasts of an event centre for hosting corporate tournaments and birthday parties.

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