It is well known that Singapore is a great fun place to be at; the city offers local residents and visitors with equal options for daytime diversions and recreation. No matter what outdoor fun activity strikes your fancy Singapore has something to offer for everyone. Singapore is known for a lot of things and outdoor sports activities is one of them. Singapore is widely regarded as one of the most fun and active countries in the continent. Locals often go out and participate in outdoor activities with friends, colleagues and family. Singapore is amongst those rare countries which play all kinds of sports and not just one in particular.

Soccer is one amongst the many outdoor activities Singaporeans get indulged in. Locals are very enthusiastic about street soccer; you won’t find an empty soccer field in Singapore on weekends and holidays. The newest trend for Singaporeans in the World of football is futsal. Futsal is a new version of soccer; you play futsal with less number of people and smaller ball compared to the mainstream soccer game. You just need right pitch and good bunch of players to enjoy this game to its fullest. There are plenty of futsal pitches and arenas in Singapore. Futsal is played by locals all year around without any restrictions of weather or season.

There are many sports arenas, futsal pitch Singapore and open grounds in Singapore owned by companies, which rent them out to the people. These grounds offer great facilities to sports lovers. You can go there with friends and family to have a great session of futsal and soccer. The Ark is one such very good sport arena providers in Singapore. The Ark offers great playing facilities to the soccer and futsal lovers.

The Ark sports arenas and event places are perfect for today’s active families and sport enthusiast personals. The Ark offers endless possibilities for adventure, fun and recreational activities. Fully equipped and beautifully maintained parks, futsal pitches and tennis courts let you enjoy futsal, soccer, tennis and many other fun activities. They have got well maintained futsal pitches, event areas and tennis courts to rent out.

The Ark is a great place for family get together, company tournaments and regular soccer/futsal sessions. If you are also planning to have a good session or two of futsal with your mates, make a futsal booking Singapore with The Ark right away.

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