Piling is an imperative part of construction work which ensures strong foundation and eliminates the risk of future subsidence or ground movement. Piling mainly involves three techniques, namely, Screw Piling, Bored Piling and Underpinning. Piling contractors employ one of the aforementioned techniques depending upon foundation requirements. Screw Piling is the most efficient and safest piling technique that transfers building load to the helix plate which is placed on the ground. Load of the building is passed on to helix plate through centrally located shafts. Several piling contractors are adopting screw piling nowadays, rather than going for classical concrete bored, as this technique can disperse load to the ground, evenly and smoothly.

Screw piling is a revolutionary technology which offers several advantages over traditional concrete bored pier methods. Here are few advantages offered by screw piling:

1. It can be installed much faster than old-fashioned bored piles.

2. No concrete or secondary reinforcement is needed in screw piling method.

3. This method can be used for plenty of soil and subsoil types.

4. Screw piling can be installed even on swampy ground and it functions well in deep sands.

5. De-watering process is not necessary in case of screw piles

There are only a few reputed contractors in Australia who deal in screw piling and one such contractor is Piling Experts. Piling Experts is pioneer in screw piling and offer unparalleled piling services for wide array of residential, commercial, mining and industrial projects, all over Australia. They boast a team of experts who employ futuristic technology, high quality materials and advanced techniques to make your foundation strong and rigid.

Experienced engineers of the company firstly perform careful analysis of the commercial structure to determine performance requirements, gravitational stresses and expected load balances. This aids in designing screw piles of right thickness, size and dispersion for optimum transfer of building load. They are also dedicated to build a sturdy foundation for homes. Their foundational experts analyze and assess your current or perspective home to provide you a rock solid platform for supporting your home.

In addition to screw piling, Piling Experts also deploys services of bored piling and underpinning. They have set high standards in the industry by using the latest breakthroughs in engineering load dispersal techniques. Thus, you can be rest assured about the services offered by Piling Experts.

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