In this rapidly changing world, people are lacking in respect, discipline and culture and are breaking law and order more often. Thus an individual is in immediate need of adequate protection systems such as body armor for their safety. If you are keen towards buying a reliable and durable body armor system to defend against threats, then you can rely on Premier Body Armor company for getting quality products. The company was established in October 2013, manufacturing bulletproof vests, armors, plate carriers, etc.

Premier Body Armor offers you the best protection that you deserve by providing the tactical accessories and attachments that allow you to personalize and optimize all your body armor systems. The characteristics of the products offered by them are:-


Their multi curved steel armor is designed to offer you best comfort in every working environment.


They offer the lightest and thinnest Level III steel armor.

NIJ certified:-

Their armor has undergone through various tests and thus provides best protection in a world full of danger.

Durable carriers:-

Their tactical vests and carriers are fabricated by them to provide you tactical proficiency.

10 year warranty:-

They provide a 10 year warranty on their steel body armor plates and 2 year warranty on tactical vests and plate carriers.


They are tested for multiple threats against certain calibers which are at distance of about 50 feet.

The tactical accessories offered by them help you to adapt and develop your duty uniform or tactical kit for dealing with changing environments and hazards. They provide rifle, handgun magazine pouches and other tactical accessories ensuring superior quality and reliability. Their precision engineering, trademark attention and exacting craftsmanship makes them reliable for offering utility and long lasting accessories and attachments.

You should expand your knowledge about security equipment and opt for the reliable ones to ensure safety and security of your family in any situation. Premier Body Armor Company has an experience of about 20 years in manufacturing of bulletproof vests, plate carriers and armored vehicles.

Thus, they can be counted up on delivering best services. Their top quality products and services attract vast array of customers. Their customers include USMC, USSOCOM, OEM’s, department of defense, government agencies, etc. In a world full of violence and threats, Premier Body Armor ensures that the officers and other people should never compromise with their security and have the best possible protection that they deserve.

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